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  • Artificial flowers
    Artificial flowers- -28 Sep , 2021

    Our factory main products are silk flowers,flower wall,wedding flowers,artificial pampas grass,artificial flowe...

  • White flower wall decor
    White flower wall decor- -30 Aug , 2021

    This is white flower wall decor,We support Customization,Low MOQ,Fast delivery (3-30 days) and Free design...

  • Dried pampas grass
    Dried pampas grass- -29 Jun , 2021

    We have large stock of dried pampas grass in 2021

  • Artificial flower wall
    Artificial flower wall- -31 May , 2021

    Artificial flower wall is perfect for Wedding,Party,Event,Hotel,Baby Shower,Photography,Studio,Home,Store...

  • Artificial pampas grass
    Artificial pampas grass- -31 May , 2021

    This Artificial pampas grass is made of high quality silk and super popular on Amazon

  • Flower wall decor
    Flower wall decor- -30 Apr , 2021

    We have customized thousands of flower wall for our customers without extra charge.

  • Gift flower
    Gift flower- -29 Jan , 2021

    We customize all kinds of gift flowers for customers.

  • Pressed flowers
    Pressed flowers- -24 Dec , 2020

    DIY Materials Mixed Plant Specimen Dried Flower Material Package Nature Dried Press Flower.

  • Artificial flower petal
    Artificial flower petal- -31 Oct , 2020

    Artificial flower petal is made of high quality silk and it can be dyed to any color

  • Artificial grass wall
    Artificial grass wall- -13 Oct , 2020

    Our factory customize all kinds of Artificial grass wall

  • Wedding flower
    Wedding flower- -30 Sep , 2020

    Our factory customizes all kinds of wedding flowers.

  • Material Package
    Material Package- -01 Sep , 2020

    We have more than 10 years of experience in product design, development and production,and also have a team of 5 flo...

  • Sola Wood Flower
    Sola Wood Flower- -31 Jul , 2020

    We do all kinds of Sola Wood Flower and it can be bleached to any color you like.

  • Hanging flowers
    Hanging flowers- -30 Jun , 2020

    Our factory produces all kinds of hanging flowers at different sizes and flowers.

  • Artificial tree
    Artificial tree- -31 Jan , 2020

    We produce all kinds of artificial tree.