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Dried Lagurus Ovatus

Wedding Decoration Handmade Muiti-Color Wholesale Preserved Dried Lagurus Ovatus well used in home decor

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Production Introduction

Material:Preserved Dried Lagurus Ovatus

Color: multi color

Packing:OPP bag + Carton

Occasion: Wedding,Party,Event,Hotel,Baby Shower,Photography Studio,Home,Store Decor

Model number:l06083


Delivery Time:7-15days

Payment:T/T, Western Union,etc.


1. High quality preserved dried flower and plant materials

2. Customized dried flower bouquet and wreath for brand dealer customer

3. Have 5 floral designers providing design services

4. Customized thousands styles of dried flower bouquet and wreath

5. Custom packaging for dried flower bouquet and wreath

6. Support third-party inspections

Production details

We usually name it bunny or rabbit's tail grass. This adorable grass is perfect for your rustic home decor. Add it to your wall display or show it off on a shelf or in a vase.These Dried Lagurus Ovatus are Great gift from nature. All the grasses are hand-picked by our farmers, placed under sun for natural dry and packed neatly before they are shipped out.

       The Dried Lagurus Ovatus is well packaged and arrive in perfect condition.Please spray hairspray on your final floral arrangement to reduce future shedding.Coloured bunny tail grass is perfect contrast and added to any home decor,which can add boho touch and modern look to your living room and dinning room.When you receive the package,please put these Dried Lagurus Ovatus in the sun for a few hours and shake them or blow it with a hair dryer, they get super fluffy and cute.



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